Motocross track business plan

I think our property is about the right size to house a national-caliber track, but it wouldnt be spectator friendly. The street legal motorcycles will be concentrated towards the sport bikes rather than cruisers or touring bikes.

Location and land has alot to do with it. However, this obstacle is already overcome. Again, Hookit provides a platform that helps. Every one seems to be at least fifty miles off the main roadway on a dirt road with no hotels or amenities near by.

Because Zoom Motors will be able to attract customers from different backgrounds, the profitability will be continually growing each year. This means that there could be an extra mechanic hired the second week of business or the second month, work load is determined on this.

To become a member all you have to do is fill out the application that waves the riders rights from holding the A. There are only eight tracks in the state of Wisconsin and ten in Illinois. The bull's—eye for this dealership is the off—road racer and enthusiast, but everyone else is not far off.

Customers will be able to simply exit at the Waukesha exit and make a right on the north service road and come right back to the dealership. Facility Design and Management For public projects and facilities, we will run a ground up operation. This is a high—end line of accessories for motorcycles and ATVs that are currently only available through Smith.

And to add to that, most large tracks have several pieces of each equipment. The owner Greg Johnstonwill be the overseer of the entire business and concentrate most of his time towards sales and the race track. Another marketing strategy that Zoom Motors wi11 use is sponsorship.

I'm sure motocross tracks in ohio are not easy to get loans for.

So you want to get rich owning a motocross track

We really try to provide as much exposure and support to the people that support us as possible but as companies grow in size, it becomes difficult. Events and Series Not only do we build private and public facilities, but we can handle any race series and spectator events.

A customer will be able to come in and purchase their motorcycle and then customize it to the kind of riding they wish to do. The human resource side of the business is planning on employing about two new employees per year until needs are satisfied.

These are the motorcycles that are raced throughout the world and are available for the public to buy. Along with offering a catalog and internet sight for orders, Zoom Motors will pride itself on having the availability of their products in store.

Realistic costs of maintaining and operating MX track

Their product line would keep them distinguished to their customers and Amazing Motors. Finally the money will be used for the cost of stocking parts and inventory. Opening, operating, and managing any business is typically more work than a usual for the average person.

We already have a big consumer base from the quality of work that we complete on the side and we are often forced to turn away business due to our lack of time and space.

Zoom Motors will be located right along the side of Hwy. The dealership will sponsor its own events along with selected promoters and will advertise their products by having the dealership open during race days. Most motorcycle dealerships take the better part of three weeks to rebuild a single cylinder engine which only requires about three hours of work.

Now comes "the choice". I have not been to a single motocross track that is not out of the way. Out of themembers there are 50, that would fall into the specific target area of Zoom Motors. The closest one to Zoom Motors would be the track located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, approximately a half hour away.

There will also be riding lessons and advanced training available for those interested. To go along with the products that are offered at the dealership there will also be a great amount of service.

During this time he gained a vast knowledge of proper track building techniques. The financial schedule plans for there to be an average start in the sales and service of the business with a major emphasis on the revenue from the track.

Sales of new and used motorcycles and ATVs along with parts should start out sufficient with the four product lines offered and then grow rapidly once a broad customer base is achieved.

Also, zoning for the location will not be a factor because the physical approval paperwork is currently being approved and will be official in a matter of weeks.

Today, social media plays an important role in sponsorship decisions. Across the US there are more than motocross tracks in operation at any given time — ranging from small, backwoods facilities operated as a sideline to closed-door practice facilities to massive pro-level, multi-track event venues.

Permission, Permits & Neighbours When Building Motocross Tracks. We’ve heard the stories of people who have poured the time, money and energy into building a motocross track, only to have ridden it a few weekends before the locals / neighbors kicked up a stink and had the council shut it down.

BUSINESS PLAN September 20XX Copy 3of 10 John Doe P.O. Box ~ Smallville, UT ~ The Utah Motorsports Park will serve moto-enthusiasts throughout this area, as well as Today one of the fastest growing sectors of the motoring, or moto, industry is the Track Day.

The plan of attack for the financials is to first construct and open the motocross track portion of the business first. By doing this the word will get out to a large number of consumers about a new motocross track that is open in the area to go riding at and that holds races.

Motocross Track Business Plan Other Motocross Track Limited Liability Co (LLC), Licenses, Business Permit, Tax IDs and or Fictitious Business Name Required To Start Your Own Business I.e., Start a Motocross Track business in Covington, TN.

Aug 28,  · Ok so I have an interest in opening a motocross track for the public as a business. I was wondering how much money it would take, if its easy to obtain an AMA sponsor, if its worth the money, and pretty much anything else.

Sep 13,  · Operating a motocross track is nothing more than a labor of love. It requires a lot of money up front, a keen sense of where to spend that money and a work ethic that borders on masochism.

Even then, you are lucky to make enough money to keep your head above water.

Motocross track business plan
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Motocross Track Business Plan Motocross Track